Crystal Hair Salon In Boston

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Monday-Sunday 10:00am - 7:00pm



  Swedish Massage: A nice smooth, relaxing massage that would help you forget about all the   stress of daily life. Slow and gliding strokes are used to help put you back in your comfort zone. This technique also helps push good blood back into the heart.






   Deep Tissue Massage:One of my favorite techniques. Slow but much deeper pressure is used to help locate and fix muscle fibers that cause stiffness, tension and  sometimes severe pain that can limit our range of  motion. Neuromuscular    therapy (trigger points) is also used to release toxins in the body.





Prenatal Massage: Carrying a baby in the womb puts a lot of pressure on the lower back, the hips, the neck and the feet to name a few. everything is readjusted during the session to fit the comfortability of the client.


Ear Candling: This procedure gets out everything a Q-tip left behind, and it can also enhance your hearing ability.


Reflexology: Every organ in the body corresponds with a reflex spot that can be located on the foot or hand. This technique is recommended for severe headaches or certain organ aches.


Sports Massage: Several stretches are added to the massage to help loosen up tight muscles, increase range of motion and enhance your flexibility. A very good choice for people that participate in cardiovascular activities, sports and weight-lifting.